Hedgehogs at Hartpury with Hugh Warwick

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Why should we worry and what can we do about the issue of our disappearing hedgehogs? 

Hedgehogs are undergoing a significant decline in numbers, due to a range of different factors including habitat fragmentation, use of pesticides and interaction with human-based hazards, such as roads and garden machinery. This talk will give an insight into these causes of decline, and explore what you can do to help save one of Britain's best loved mammals. 

Hugh Warwick, author and ecologist, started studying hedgehogs over 30 years ago and has written two books about them: “A Prickly Affair” and “Hedgehog”. His latest book, “Linescapes”, is out on 4th May and looks at the fragmentation of the landscape and how it impacts on all wildlife. 

There will be light refreshments provided after the talk and an opportunity to discuss topics with fellow guests. 

We will be taking donations at the event (suggested £4). All proceeds will be going to "Help a Hedgehog Hospital", a local charity who have cared for many Hartpury hedgehogs in need. 

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