I predict a riot! Hartpury students help police refine riot control skills

Uniformed Public Services

Students from Hartpury had a ‘riot’ yesterday (October 1st) as they helped to provide the ideal training platform for officers from Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Constabulary to practise their riot control tactics.

Thirty-eight students from the Uniformed Public Services (UPS) BTEC Diploma course played the role of ‘mock rioters’ as they were invited to put the police officers through their paces in a variety of different situations as they fine-tuned their crowd management techniques in Puriton, Somerset.

Hartpury students were able to witness first-hand how officers dealt with difficult real-life situations as they donned their body kit and riot shields to face up to the barrage they received from the student mob, which included missiles and petrol bombs being thrown along with general public disorder.


Daniel Bond, a 17-year-old Uniformed Public Services student from Brockworth, said: “It was a really enjoyable day and amazing to see how police officers work in certain situations.

“I took a lot out of the whole day as I want to join the police force when I am older so it gave me a real idea of what I might expect.”

Brendan Ward, Lecturer in Uniformed Public Services at Hartpury, said: “It was great to be invited to take part in this exercise and it provided students with a valuable insight into how the police force train for and deal with situations like this.

“Activities like today are just one of the many opportunities for practical training the students have throughout the year and it’s particularly valuable for those students who have an interest in looking to join the police force when they get older.”

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