Early Christmas present for Hartpury’s ferrets finding fun in their new-look enclosure


From ball pools to multi-coloured tubes on a ‘climbing’ wall, Hartpury’s ferrets have a new house of fun for Christmas after students gave their home a funky makeover.

Their enclosure has had a major revamp, providing the inquisitive rodents with enhanced enrichment activities that will boost their physical and mental stimulation.

A variety of tubes and pipes have been added, which allow the ferrets to climb and hide - something they would spend much of their time doing in the wild. To top it all off, the ferrets can now indulge their passion for burrowing and hiding in a multi-coloured ball pool.

Hartpury Animal Collection Instructor, Aleksandra Lipinska, transformed the enclosure alongside Hartpury’s Animal Management students.

Aleksandra said: “There were some spare tubes left over from another project and we saw the ferret enclosure makeover as the perfect recycling opportunity! It is important that the ferrets are kept busy and simulated and that their enclosure provides them with the enrichment that they need, with opportunities to dig, hide and climb.

“It was great to have the students help with the revamp. Not only did they reap the benefits from helping to kit out an enclosure to ensure it promotes natural behaviour, but they will now have the opportunity to observe and handle the ferrets in an environment that is much more like the one they would have in the wild, albeit with climbing and burrowing opportunities provided in a different way!”

And the ferrets are not the only Hartpury animals to have had their home spruced up in time for Christmas. Puff, one of Hartpury’s resident Bearded Dragons, has a new look vivarium ready to see him through the winter.

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