Kindergarten kids bring learning to life at Hartpury


Children from Hartpury Nursery enjoyed getting up close with Hartpury’s creepy and cuddly creatures this week.

Sixteen children from the local nursery were given the opportunity to visit the Hartpury campus recently as they got to learn about the College’s extensive range of native and non-native animal species; from reptiles, rodents and creepy crawlies to the cuddlier members of the collection.

They have been learning all about animals and the outdoors and came to Hartpury to see some of the animals they have been learning about. As they explored the campus, the children got to see wallabies, goats and emus that reside at the college as well as all the creatures that call Hartpury’s walled garden home, such as meerkats, guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets.

The children also got to meet some creepy crawly creatures. Supervised by college students, they had a go at handling snakes and lizards, while the students told them about the animals and how to care for them.

Head of animal management, Grace Watkins, said: “The children were very excited about all the animals that they saw and were keen to handle any of animals they could! They asked lots of interesting questions and demonstrated a good knowledge of the animals.”

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