Catherine Lane

Qualification & subject:
Foundation Degrees FdSc Equine Veterinary Nursing Science
Veterinary Nurse | Western Counties Equine Clinic

What I do

I’m involved in patient care, giving treatments and medications, taking and running bloods and assisting with lameness and trotting horses up. I also help with x-rays and, in theatre, I assist with surgical procedures.

How Hartpury helped to get me there

Just before starting sixth form, my horse had to go to hospital for major surgery and it was the after-care the nurses gave her that made me decide I wanted to be an equine vet nurse. Hartpury was the only place that offered equine vet nursing. One of my tutors was friendly with one of the local equine practices and she helped me get a job as a part-time nursing assistant before I even started my degree. That really helped to build my confidence as well as developing my practical nursing skills to back up the theory on my course.