Undergraduate applicants


Your enrolment instructions for September 2019

These contain everything you need to know about your course. From any specialist clothing or equipment you need to get, to any books you may need to buy. They also include details of any curriculum changes since you applied, as well as any additional costs.

Please select the subject area below to find the enrolment instructions for your course.

If you have any further questions, your Programme Manager is here to help. You can get in touch using the contact details in your joining instructions.





Veterinary Nursing

Moving in

If you're living on campus, your Residential Welcome Day is on Sunday 15 September. Check your time and location and start planning. Our students and staff will be on-hand to help you find your way around.


You might need to get some specialist equipment, clothing or books for your course.

  • Check your joining instructions to see if you need to get anything before you start
  • Clothing can be ordered from the our online shop
  • You only need to buy the competitive sport kit if you join one of our sports academies
  • Optional course hoodies can be ordered online, or when you get here