Join a Sports Academy

Do you want to play elite sport? Join one of our Sports Academies and we’ll nurture your talent and help you to perform to your very best.

Benefit from expert coaching, specialist training that fits around your studies, and links to national sports clubs and organisations. You’ll also have access to the latest sports technology in our brand new Sports Academy building. It’s home to a power gym, therapy and rehabilitation suites, an anti-gravity treadmill and high-tech video performance cameras for post-match analysis in our double sports hall.

Our Sports Academies include:

  • Men’s football
  • Women’s football
  • Men’s rugby
  • Women’s rugby
  • Equine
  • Rowing
  • Golf
  • Netball
  • Athlete performance - we'll also support you in a range of disciplines not covered by our current academies i.e. athletics, swimming, tennis, track and field, and weightlifting.

How to register your interest 

If you haven’t already, fill in our 'Interested in Sport' form below. Once you’ve submitted your interest, the relevant academy manager for your sport will be in touch to discuss your next steps. You may be invited to attend an assessment day.

Want to play sports for fun?
You can join one of the sports teams run by our Students’ Union (SU). It’s a great way to have fun and stay fit and active while playing with your new friends. Take a look at what’s on offer on page

Join our gym
You don’t have to be part of a Sports Academy to benefit from our fantastic fitness facilities. Membership for our gym is £100 for the year and open to everyone.

If you’re part of a Sports Academy, you’ll need to wear Hartpury Kit. You’ll find out more when you get here, but if you need any more information right now then contact your academy manager. If you play sports for fun you won’t need to buy any special kit, but you might like to get some of our Hartpury-branded sportswear to train in.