5 Things I wish I had known before coming to university

  1. You’ll meet a lot of new people

I think a lot of my worries in the lead up to coming to university were about making friends, and about whether I would meet new people. I wish I hadn’t been so stressed! Whether you’re living on campus or elsewhere, there are so many opportunities to meet new people. From the Freshers’ activities to others in your tutor group and lectures, you’ll meet students from all around the world.

Just remember, everyone is as nervous as you when they arrive, and will also be eager to socialise.

  1. You don’t need to purchase all of your books prior to arrival

You may want to buy your books first thing, but I promise, you don’t need to unless you want to start reading before enrolment! Most books that are required for our courses are available to borrow for long periods from the library or can be download in eBook form onto your device. You can even buy them second-hand to save some money.

  1. There are plenty of transport options

There will be a large group of students who don’t have a car. This isn’t a problem at Hartpury, as we have so many regular buses available. We may be more rural, but Gloucester is very close, and the buses drop you right near the shops! They are even free in the evenings. If you ride a bike, you can store it in our secure bike sheds on campus.

  1. You don’t need to party every week to fit in

While there will be many students who can’t wait to enjoy the social side of university, there may also be some who don’t enjoy going out as much. I was exactly the same, and the great thing about university is that no one will judge you for your decisions! There are plenty of fantastic ‘quiet’ social events that Hartpury organises for those who like to stay in, and I promise no one will think you’re different because you don’t want to go out every Wednesday.

  1. Don’t stress about second-year accommodation too early

This can be a big cause of worry for many, and you’ll find lots of people want to book a student property super early. My biggest advice is to wait until at least January, and make sure you all get along well. The chances are, you’ll live with the same people for your second and third year, so choose wisely! Estate agents slowly release student properties onto the market, so I promise some will still be available if you wait.

  1. You will walk a lot!

This sounds silly, but Hartpury is a massive campus and I certainly underestimated how much walking I’d do. Be sure to bring appropriate shoes, as some of your lectures may be a hike away!

Enjoy your first year at university, it is definitely the best year and it certainly does fly by! Make the most of every opportunity and enjoy all that Hartpury has to offer.

Eliza Harvey - BSc Equestrian Sports Science student from Australia

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