Best things to bring to Hartpury from home

Knowing what to pack for university can be tricky. If you’re moving into the on-site accommodation here, the chances are your rooms will be quite a bit smaller than what you’re used to. In that regard, you don’t want to overpack and then have too much stuff! Here’s a list of the top things I wish I had thought to bring from home…

Lots of photos to put on your wall:  They make your room feel homelier and you’re less likely to get homesick when you’re surrounded by memorabilia.

A kettle: Hartpury will send you a list of appliances you can and can’t bring, but you’re allowed a kettle in your room. It’s great for making hot chocolates while studying late.

A makeup mirror: Most of the bathrooms here don’t have plugs, so you usually end up sitting at your desk to do your hair etc.

A bedside table: If you’re staying in Limbury, you have a ledge at the head of the bed. But for New Vicarage rooms, you may want a bedside table for your reading lamps etc.!

Jacket hooks: This is especially important in winter! Your jackets will be very wet most of the time, so having the hooks that can hang on your bathroom door is a perfect solution.

Dirty clothes basket: I know, this is an odd one! But I can assure you, there were lots of us who had to rush out and buy one on Freshers’ week. Sometimes it’s the simple things we forget about!

Foldable clothes drying rack: We do have wash machines and dryers on site, but a clothes drying rack is often needed in the blocks with their own wash machine and no dryer, or when you want to save some money on the dryer.

Coat hangers: There is room to hang things in your cupboards, but you need to bring your own coat hangers.

Mattress protector: These are totally underrated but make the bed 100x more comfortable!

Hopefully, this list has helped a little! Don’t be too worried if you forget anything, we have regular buses on campus that go to the shops in Gloucester, and online Amazon delivery is very quick to campus.

Good luck for your first year!

Eliza Harvey - BSc Equestrian Sports Science student from Australia

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