Tips for international students coming to Hartpury

Being an international student can be daunting. Not only do you have a limited amount of space to pack your life into, you also have the worry of not knowing anyone. Here are some of my top tips that I wish I had known before coming to Hartpury!

1. There are plenty of transport options

The chances are you’ll probably be without a car, at least for a short period of time. Don’t stress though, this isn’t a problem at Hartpury as we have so many regular buses available. We may be more rural, but Gloucester is very close, and the buses drop you right near the shops! They are even free in the evenings.

2. The international team is fantastic

There’s a high chance you may find yourself confused with visas, or Brexit, or your eligibility to get a job, or even unsure about your payment plans during your time at Hartpury. I speak for everyone, I think, when I say that the international team is fantastic and will do everything in their power to help you. They are a short walk away and always available for a chat.

3. Pack more clothes than you think for winter

If you’re from another European country, then you can probably ignore this point! However, if you’re coming from summer to winter, or from a warmer country, then prepare for a very cold winter. It may say seven degrees, but it really feels like two! Don’t worry though, you do acclimatise (eventually).

4. Take Ralph and Bailey on walks

We have two beautiful dogs on campus who you can take on walks. They’re perfect for when you’re missing your animals back home, or just need a puppy to hug. You’ll have a chance to meet them in your Freshers’ Week.

Best of luck for your first year at Hartpury! You’ll settle in before you know it and wonder why you were ever worried, there is so much to see on campus and everyone makes you feel so welcome.

Eliza Harvey - BSc Equestrian Sports Science student from Australia

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