Unconditional offer FAQs

Unconditional offer FAQs

What if I do not have the GCSE required?

It is important that we have assurance of your previous academic achievement so if we don’t have GCSE qualifications or equivalent results, including English and Maths, we will not be able to consider you for an unconditional offer. However, we would be happy to consider you for a conditional offer.

What are Level 3 qualifications?

Level 3 qualifications are those that tend to be studied after GCSE. They include A level, Advanced apprenticeship, Level 3 certificates, diploma, and technical level qualifications. Often these are studied prior to coming to higher education and as such can be used as an indicator of potential to study at university. Often offers for university are conditional of achieving certain grades in Level 3 qualifications.

Are all students studying all qualifications at Level 3 considered under this scheme?

We are happy to consider students studying most two year Level 3 qualifications. However, Access and Foundation qualifications cannot be considered as they are achieved over one year and it is unlikely that we will have predicted grades. We would not have the necessary information to make an accurate assessment of your academic potential. We are happy consider mature students with experience under our mature scheme, which will involve an interview and a written assessment if necessary.

Does the unconditional offer scheme mean that my Level 3 qualifications are not important?

We believe that all qualifications are important, especially Level 3 studies. Unconditional offers are only made to individuals who have already demonstrated their motivation and when we are sure it will not impact their current studies. We believe that this focus and determination to achieve is very unlikely to disappear because of an unconditional offer. We hope that the offer will give students more self-belief and confidence in their own abilities. In many subject areas, there is still the opportunity to gain an achievement-based bursary.

Can I defer my unconditional offer obtained through this scheme?

No, the unconditional offer is only for the current year. We are happy to consider you for a conditional offer that you can defer.

If I receive an unconditional offer what do I need to do to accept it?

You will need to make Hartpury University your firm choice.

Will unconditional offer holders receive priority over conditional offer holders for accommodation?

Our accommodation is offered to all who make us their firm choice. If you attend one of our Offer holder days in February 2020 then you can apply early for accommodation irrespective of whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer.