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Congratulations on your Hartpury University degree offer. You’ll find lots of handy information on this page to help you start getting prepared for joining us in September.* Scroll down to find out about:

  • Your Enrolment Guide
  • Your virtual offer-holder hub
  • Subject webinars
  • Degree timetable overview
  • Your #ComingToHartpury2020 Facebook group

*Subject to meeting offer requirements

Your Enrolment Guide
In the summer, you’ll receive your Enrolment Guide from us, either by post or by email.

This will contain everything you need to know about starting your course - from kit and books, to your enrolment date and when you can move into accommodation. We'll also let you know what happens in your first few weeks, so you can start planning your adventure.

In the meantime, here are some exciting things to get involved in...

Join our virtual offer-holder hub
We loved meeting some of you at our Offer-holder Days in February and hope they gave you a good insight into student life.

If you couldn't make it, or just want to find out more about us, we're busy recreating the full Hartpury experience online.

With our new virtual Offer-holder hub, you’ll have access to:

  • Videos with our students and staff, telling you what they love most about Hartpury.
  • Student life blogs, sharing what it’s like studying each of our subject areas.
  • Interviews with some of our employers, explaining the value of a degree.
  • Lots of handy resources and guides, which we hope will answer your questions.

We’ll send you an email when the hub is live and ready for you to explore.

Take part in our subject webinars

We understand that you’ll probably have some questions about your course. That's why we’ll be running a series of live webinars with our lecturers and Heads of Departments, one for each subject area. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions, so you feel confident about starting your degree at Hartpury in the autumn.

We’ll be in touch soon to let you know the dates and how to join in.

You can start thinking about your questions now though, so you’re prepared.

A preview of your timetable

You’ll get your timetable when you arrive for your Freshers’ Week, but here’s a taste of what your first year will look like:

  • One day off a week to work on assignments and gain work experience
  • Two 12-week semesters, each followed by an assessment week
  • Lectures between 8.30am and 8.30pm, and if you have an early start we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t have a late finish on the same day
  • Wednesday afternoons reserved for sports or social activities
  • Check your term dates here to start planning your year

We’ll keep this page updated as we move towards your enrolment, and keep you up to date with the latest developments as they happen.

Get connected on Facebook

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected with friends. If you haven’t already, make sure you join our Coming to Hartpury 2020 community on Facebook. It’s your place to make friends with your future course mates and meet the people you’ll be living with. You can ask any questions in here too and we’ll get back to you with a reply.

Visit Facebook group

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