Research and Knowledge Exchange Arenas

We have four multi-disciplinary research and knowledge exchange Arenas. The arenas set their own research focus and action plans.

Each arena has its own leader, character and vitality. They provide a welcoming place to learn from others, develop ideas, rehearse strategies and plans to help your work make a positive impact. 

  • Animal Welfare
  • Equestrian Performance
  • Sport, Exercise and Wellbeing
  • Pedagogy, Practice and Community

Animal Welfare Arena

The Animal Welfare Arena engages with animal owners, industry and policy makers to drive change and make a measurable improvement to the welfare of animals through distinctive, impactful and meaningful quality research and knowledge exchange activities. We specialise in finding answers to emerging issues in the animal sector and work in collaboration with industry to find solutions to these, which can be implemented in the ‘real-world’. Promoting positive animal welfare underpins all we do, specialising in research and knowledge exchange related to animal behaviour, animal performance and production, animal health and human-animal interaction.

Equestrian Performance Arena

Hartpury’s strength in equestrian performance research and knowledge exchange stems from our commercial activity on site, namely the Margaret Giffen Centre for Rider Performance and the world-renowned Equine Therapy Centre; our involvement in international competition and our relationships with industry and other academic institutions.

The resources contained within our Equine Therapy Centre and the Margaret Giffen Centre for Rider Performance feature highly within our research activity. We have excellent research tools, enabling biomechanical and physiological studies of both horse and rider, as well as access to suitable types and numbers of horses for our studies. Approximately 200 horses are resident at Hartpury during term time.

Sport, Exercise and Wellbeing Arena

With a focus on research and knowledge exchange that has practical implications within industry, the Sport, Exercise and Wellbeing Arena consists of four main disciplines including sport performance, exercise health and wellbeing, sports medicine and sports business management.

Within these disciplines, the arena is concerned with developing and conducting interdisciplinary activities that add to the current body of knowledge currently available in sport and exercise. Current projects include work with adult and youth athletes, school children and adolescents, and professional sports teams.

Pedagogy, Practice and Community Arena

This arena aims to give an impetus to pedagogic and community research through a progressive, dynamic and supportive Arena environment focusing on collaboration, collegiality and beneficial outputs.

Action in this arena starts with conversations. Conversations that question and examine the philosophy, context and practise of our professions. Conversations that lead to action and positive change in the pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning and community development. It is supportive of those who wish to become change agents, challenging convention and ultimately championing best practise and knowledge exchange.

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