Equestrian Performance Research and Knowledge Exchange

Our equine research sits within the ‘Equestrian Performance Research and Knowledge Exchange Arena’, one of 4 over-arching research themes at Hartpury, engaging staff and students from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Our strength in equestrian performance research and knowledge exchange stems from our commercial activity on site, namely the Margaret Giffen Centre for Rider Performance and the world-renowned Equine Therapy Centre; our involvement in international competition and our relationships with industry and other academic institutions.

The resources contained within our Equine Therapy Centre and the Margaret Giffen Centre for Rider Performance feature highly within our research activity. We have excellent research tools, enabling biomechanical and physiological studies of both horse and rider, as well as access to suitable types and numbers of horses for our studies. Approximately 200 horses are resident at Hartpury during term time. Research-active staff engage in consultancy, guest-lecturing and delivering projects for industry.

Examples of recent studies

  • Nankervis, K.J. and Lefrancois, K., 2018. A Comparison of Protraction-Retraction of the Distal Limb During Treadmill and Water Treadmill Walking in Horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 70, pp.57-62
  • Marlin, D. and Williams, J., 2018. Equine endurance race pacing strategy differs between finishers and non-finishers in 120 km single-day races. Comparative Exercise Physiology, 14(1), pp.11-18
  • Williams, J. and Randle, H. (2017) Is the expression of stereotypic behavior a performance-limiting factor in animals? Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, 20: 1-10
  • Wilson M, Twigg-Flesner A (2017) A Preliminary Comparison of Semen Quality between Competing and Non-Competing Equine Stallions. J Vet Sci Technol 8: 443.
  • Nankervis, K.J., Finney, P. and Launder, L. (2016) Water depth modifies back kinematics of horses during water treadmill exercise. Equine Veterinary Journal 48 (6): 732-736. Watch the video on this study.

Our equine team

On any given day, our 360-hectare site is home to an unprecedented wealth of equine talent and expertise, whether it’s our staff, our industry partners, or the riders and horses that train here. As a hive of equestrian activity, we have built a wide network of industry professionals, nationally and internationally; like us they are dedicated to making a worthwhile contribution to horse sport.

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