Ellen Gibson

Qualification & subject:
Undergraduate BSc (Hons) Agriculture
PhD student

Ellen studied BSc (Hons) Agriculture at Hartpury and has now gone on to do a PHD, still focusing around the agriculture topic.

Ellen's Hartpury Experience

"From my undergraduate experience, I knew Hartpury would treat me as an individual and that I would be supported to mould my research to compliment my own experiences and values. I’m passionate about driving change in agriculture in three critical areas of consumer education, farmer wellbeing and animal welfare.

I’m exploring how the level of connection between farmers and consumers influences dairy cow welfare and farmer wellbeing within different selling routes, comparing conventional pathways such as supermarkets, with direct-to-consumer routes, such as farm shops.

Findings may evidence the potential benefits associated with alternative routes where farmer-consumer relationships are strong, and their ability to enhance wellbeing for all parties involved – farmers, consumers and animals."

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