Hartpury College

About Us

About Us

Hartpury College and University Centre is one of the UK’s leading land-based and sports educational establishments. The campus covers over 360 hectares and is located near to both Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Hartpury is currently an Associate Faculty of the University of the West of England (UWE) and has been working in partnership with UWE since 1997. Today it has more than 1500 students working towards foundation degrees, honours degrees and postgraduate qualifications in equine, sport and animal and land studies. 

Hartpury also offers A Levels and BTEC Diplomas to over 1600 full time students, as well as short courses in leadership and management, teaching and training, animal care, dog grooming, equine studies, land based studies, first aid and health and safety.

Hartpury is one of the world’s largest equine education facilities and also regularly wins national titles in rugby and football as well as rowing, golf and netball. Hartpury was awarded ‘Outstanding’ for residential students in 2016 by Ofsted. Hartpury was further recognised by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) – the independent body responsible for monitoring standards and quality in higher education. In its July 2014 report, QAA commended everything from the first-rate learning opportunities and teaching at Hartpury to listening to and acting on the student voice whilst also boosting career prospects.

Hartpury College and University Centre is committed to valuing diversity and promoting equality. One of our Corporate Values is promoting respect for all and this means we treat all people with courtesy and respect, involve and listen to others and show consideration and empathy for their well-being.  We value others for their contribution irrespective of personal differences and actively encourage diversity and inclusion, good employment practice and a positive working and learning environment


Why the Acorn?

Hartpury has had the acorn as its symbol for over 20 years. More than just a reflection of the beautiful countryside that surrounds us, it symbolises the potential that lies within us all.

For everyone at Hartpury – students and staff alike - the acorn is an important symbol of the potential inside us all, in everything we do. The acorn is the kernel of greatness, it contains the seed from which the oak can grow. However, it can only do this with the right nurturing, environment and resources. Alone, it will be nothing.

Hartpury provides everything the acorn will need to grow - the best facilities, the best staff, and the best environment to support students’ ability to grow strong. We nurture all who are part of the Hartpury family to go further in their careers than they could elsewhere, to be the best they can become.    


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