Services and Facilities

The Equine Therapy Centre has extensive facilities which support the treatment of horses in our care

These include high speed and water treadmills – our Aqua-Fit water treadmill was the first of its kind to be installed in the UK - veterinary facilities and a trot-up area.

The Centre have a Sato high speed treadmill, an Aqua-fit water treadmill, veterinary facilities including an examination room where procedures such as nerve blocking, joint medication and radiography is carried out, and a 40m x 4m trot up with 12m diameter trotting circle.

Our resident cases benefit from a dedicated American barn with dust free bedding, isolated from the main equestrian unit. We have a separate treatment box where all our electrotherapy and Zamar treatment is carried out, weighbridge, solarium, indoor and outdoor Andrews Bowen waxed arenas*, Monarch horse walker and restricted turnout pens. Our undercover farrier area provides suitable surface and lighting for visiting farriers.

Our services

Aqua-Fit Water Treadmill

The Aqua-Fit water treadmill was the first of its kind to be installed in the UK. Water has a profound effect on the horse’s normal gait pattern, promoting hock, stifle and lumbar flexion. Contrary to popular belief, it is a much more effective rehab tool than training tool, as heart rates and lactate levels remain low throughout walking exercise. The Centre has produced research on the physiological effects of water treadmill exercise on horses and we can give expert advice as to how and when water treadmill exercise should be used as part of a treatment programme.

The Aquafit can be used very effectively as a regular part of the work regimes of performance horses, providing a low-intensity means of promoting hind limb engagement and a good range of movement of the back.

Sato High Speed Treadmill

The Sato high speed treadmill has a top speed of 35mph or 16 metres/second. It is used on a daily basis for the controlled exercise of our resident therapy cases and for the training and testing of racehorses referred for treadmill endoscopy.

We get great results with our tendonitis and desmitis cases as we can provide a truly progressive work programme by precise control of the rate at which the speed, distance and incline is introduced. Large fans keep the horses cool as they work and a safety harness supports the horses during canter and gallop work.

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