"The owner was experiencing problems with the cantar and a general lack of power behind.

The mare was diagnosed at Three Counties Equine Hospital in March 2013 with over-riding dorsal spinous processes and sacro-iliac pain.

The over-riding dorsal spinous processes were treated surgically using interspinous ligament desmotomy and the hindlimb pain and dysfunction treated using a combination of sacroiliac joint injection and electrotherapy (neurostimulisation). The horse was competing again successfully just three months after the initial diagnosis."

10 year old mare, used for riding club activities

"My 16 year old son was having extensive back pain to the extent that he could not do sitting trot anymore, not ideal for a budding dressage and event rider. Tom had an extensive session with Liz who really spent time talking about his experiences, looking at every aspect of his posture and skeleton both on foot and riding the mechanical horse. Her assessment was logical and in depth. Never once did we feel talked down too.

She was incredibly open to spreading her expertise and advice to other medical professionals who were more readily accessible to us. I truly believe that these exercises have begun to transform Tom's riding and he is able to do sitting trot without pain now which is great! We will be going to her on a regular basis in the future, as I truly believe that this is the best money I have spent in a long time."

Jenny O'Bryan

Francesca Gorni

Hartpury University Equine Graduate

Over my three years at Hartpury University, I have experienced the Equine Therapy Centre from all angles; as a student for lectures, a client with my horse as an in-patient for rehabilitation and by working at Therapy alongside my degree course.

I volunteered for the first two years right from my second week arriving when I had decided I wanted to get involved. For this, my final year, I have been Barn Mentor working alongside the rest of the wonderful team and student volunteers. I have learnt so much through being exposed to such an array of different horses, ponies and all their unique programmes. Hearing and watching the horses being assessed on arrival with Katheryn Nankervis, Kerry-Anne, Liz Launder and the vets from TCEH, working throughout their rehab plans and reviews too when they leave is a hugely rewarding process.

It has been great, especially as my course includes Equine Therapy modules. Being able to understand in a second nature way how and why we do things in rehabilitation programmes and treatments has come purely from working alongside the team at Therapy.

My own event horse has benefited hugely from the use of the Aqua-Fit and High-Speed Treadmill all year round.

"My horse, Diesel, was diagnosed with kissing spine in January 2017 by Three Counties Vets and he had the ligament snip operation on 23 January."

I was determined after diagnosis that the rehabilitation was going to be done correctly to give him the best chance of recovery.

From the first initial contact with the staff at the Hartpury Therapy Centre, they couldn't have been more helpful. Ten days after the operation, the staples were removed and I took him to the therapy centre, initially for six weeks. (He stayed for ten, my choice because they were doing such a good job).

The whole team were amazing from day one. They worked seamlessly together with the vets, physio, saddler and me to give Diesel the best care possible. Any minor setbacks or problems that arose throughout his rehab were dealt with quickly, professionally and with no fuss.

They kept me informed and up to date on his progress at all times, and also the plan going forward. I also found it educational and helpful for me. What was a very stressful situation became a very stress free experience due to the professionalism and knowledge of this team. They are also good fun, which always helps.

It is now exactly a year since Diesel came home and I still feel supported by the team. As with anything horse related, it's never a 100% smooth path, but Diesel has progressed steadily since leaving Hartpury and we have been back out competing for about eight months now and doing well.

A lot of this was due to the Therapy team giving him such a good start after his operation. I can't thank them enough for all their hard work and dedication and would recommend them 100%.

Diesel was diagnosed with kissing spine in January 2017. Diesel is now back competing and doing well.

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