Bay Horse Being Assessed By Veterinary Team

How we work

Our world-class facilities enable leading vets, therapists and farriers to deliver coordinated treatment and exercise packages for horses across a number of disciplines.

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We'll start by assessing your horse, taking time to study their history and veterinary records and working with you and your vet to identify the best approach to their plan. Please note that we require veterinary referral for admission of residential cases. Owners are welcome to visit either before admission or at any point during their horse’s stay.

Once we've consulted with your vet and/or therapist, we'll get to work on creating and refining the plan. We'll decide on the best facilities to incorporate into the rehabilitation plan and the timing and frequency for their use. 

All horses are housed in our well ventilated American barn. All stables have rubber matting and horses are on shavings beds with either haylage or soaked hay provided. 

We'll review your horse's progress regularly, consulting with your vet and/or therapist as agreed. You'll also get frequent updates.

Contact us today on 01452 702123, 07765 226995 or email us at