Digital Innovation Farm Hartpury

Digital Innovation Farm

For business

Data is transforming agriculture.

Investing in the future

Data has become the source of truth for performance, productivity and sustainability measures on-farm and throughout the food system. Supporting its connectivity, protection and efficient usability will be key to maximising its value for farmers, agri-tech vendors, and supply chain businesses.

The Hartpury Digital Innovation Farm will be a state-of-the-art complex, connecting both research, knowledge, and industry – an all-in, industry-led service for the advancement of agricultural technology, cyber security, and data management across Gloucestershire and the UK. Through new and established developments, the Digital Innovation Farm will drive digital sustainability and utilisation of the latest technology.

Agri Tech Centre Inside

Agri-Tech Centre

Using Hartpury’s agricultural expertise as well as working with leading businesses, the Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre focuses fully on improving awareness, access, and training with the latest available and proven technology and innovation for current and future generation farmers.

We showcase the latest technological practices and solutions available to the farming sub-sectors within the ever-evolving agricultural industry. Whether through training, practical demonstrations, outcomes from industry-led research, or specialist events, this is brought together in one real-world setting.

Digital Innovation Farm Meeting

Tech Box Park

A new kind of workspace dedicated to enabling the growth and development of agri-tech businesses.

Offering dedicated working space and support packages, access to Hartpury’s commercial farm, Home Farm, and an extended farming network for practical trials and feasibility testing across the wider regions where businesses can explore, test, and develop new products, or enhance existing ones.

Our funders

Funding for Hartpury’s Digital Innovation Farm has been provided by the GFirst LEP ‘Getting Building Fund’, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust.