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Digital Innovation Farm

For business

Putting innovation into practice.


Providing a dedicated hub and support to users and developers of new and existing agri-technologies.

An environment for learning and growth

Data has become the source of truth for performance, productivity and sustainability measures on-farm and throughout the food system. Supporting its connectivity, protection and efficient usability will be key to maximising its value for farmers, agri-tech vendors, and supply chain businesses.

The Hartpury Digital Innovation Farm is a state-of-the-art complex, connecting both research, knowledge, data, and people in a real-world and applied setting. Providing industry-led services for the advancement of agricultural technologies and delivering proven solutions and services to farms and suppliers locally and across the UK.


Agri-Tech Centre

Supporting the adoption of innovation by farmers and growers

Who is it for?

Farming businesses and professionals to receive access to, and support with, the latest innovation and associated knowledge through training and demonstration events.

Established agri-businesses to showcase and provide support with their innovative, proven and robust products or services.

Our Agri-Tech Centre connects the latest technology and innovative practice with primary producers who are rising to the challenge of feeding the planet.

Our unique focus is on improving awareness, access, and training with the latest available and proven technology and innovation for current and future generation farming professionals.

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Tech Box Park

Providing a path into, and growth within the agricultural industry for innovative businesses.

Who is it for?

Innovative UK companies that are looking to explore or commercially break through and grow within the UK agri-food industry.

Hartpury are championing fresh, innovative business thinking by encouraging established businesses and nurturing entrepreneurs to further develop their products and services for the agricultural industry.

Offering dedicated working space and support packages, access to Hartpury’s commercial farm, Home Farm, and an extended farming network for practical trials and feasibility testing across the wider regions where businesses can explore, test, and develop new products, or enhance existing ones.

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Join one of the fastest-growing networks in agriculture!

Digital Farming Network

Whether you're a seasoned farmer, industry supplier, advisor, student, or simply fascinated by the future of food production, this is YOUR community!

The Digital Farming Network is our community of stakeholders that share our passion for agriculture and inspiration from innovation. Our free to join community allows individuals and businesses from across the UK and internationally to hear the latest news and updates from the Agri-Tech Centre and Tech Box Park.

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Enhancing innovation in the agricultural industry

Hartpury supports the vision of HM Government that the 'UK becomes a world leader in agricultural technology, innovation and sustainability.'

Our funders and supporters

Funding for Hartpury’s Digital Innovation Farm has been provided by the GFirst LEP ‘Getting Building Fund’, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust.