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We're not just another business hub. We’re a dynamic community dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within the agricultural sector.

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Your field station to grow

We provide businesses with a gateway to agriculture, supporting the commercialisation of agri-tech products and services - accelerating your journey to market.

With our support, businesses are leveraging their diverse expertise in food and drink processing, sensors data and IoT, pharmaceutical, energy, vertical farming, manufacturing and transport sectors to better understand the needs of the farming community and seek out smart, profitable, and sustainable solutions for businesses working in land-based industries.

Let us help you look at your business in a different way and take a deep dive into the world of agriculture together.

Start your journey today!

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The power of connection

What are we offering businesses?

  • Agricultural industry and market insight - Our intel equips businesses to spot opportunities, navigate risks and support them with driving commercial success.
  • Connections - We make introductions. Linking you to the right people and resources through our extensive agricultural ecosystem, helping to spark ideas and access new markets.
  • Signposting - We help you access grant funding opportunities, research collaborations and expert networks.
  • Opportunities for product trials - We offer businesses the chance to trial their products in an appropriate agricultural setting within our
    extensive farming network.
  • Agri-advice and transition support into agriculture – We’re your trusted ally, offering access to expert advice in key topics such as product development, leadership, agriculture and supply chain management.

Calling all Monmouthshire businesses?

Farming is undergoing a technological revolution, offering new opportunities for suppliers of a wide range of products and services.

Monmouthshire businesses may be eligible for FREE agricultural market insights and support in product and market development, courtesy of Hartpury University, through a programme funded by Monmouthshire County Council.

This initiative allows businesses to explore the agricultural industry and identify where their products might fit.

Get in touch to learn more about this opportunity, which runs until March 2025. Email Lesley Russen - 

Join us. Business benefits include:

  • Free specialist market and industry insight
  • Supply chain management advice
  • Data management and digital engagement advice
  • Business networking & partnership opportunities
  • Grant funding opportunities
  • Leadership training
  • Potential to collaborate on product research and on-farm trials

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Space to grow

So far, over 50 Tech Box Park member businesses have placed themselves in the heart of Gloucestershire, 5th largest county in the South West, rich in agricultural heritage.

With 74% of the region's land area used for primary food production, where better to take a deep dive into the world of agriculture and grow your business?

From enabling a social enterprise to create a test bed for trailing hemp derivatives in animal bedding, to showcasing the world’s most innovative anti-theft solution for agricultural machinery and testing 100% plant-based compostable packaging on hay bales – the Tech Box Park has already provided an invaluable space and place for innovative thinking.

Tech Box Park members

AmyB Ltd

Innovative cybersecurity expert

“I’ve had a great career so far with the opportunity to learn and practice different aspects of cybersecurity consulting. Going forward, I want to make a positive impact by leveraging my hardware and cybersecurity expertise to contribute to the land-based sector's growth and safety.” Amy Brooks, AmyB Ltd

Cyber Secturity Stock

Hills Design

Design to stand out

Hills Design has lived and breathed branding for over two decades. Renowned for their innovative perspectives and limitless creativity, Hills Design empowers small start-ups and SMEs within the food and drink industry to compete alongside well-established products on supermarket shelves.

Design Stock


Specialist in design, manufacture & installation of remote monitoring equipment

“Our company received its initial order for this technology long before the concept of the cloud had even entered mainstream consciousness. Our innovation was recognised with a prestigious Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) SMART award, and since then, we have successfully established a customer base spanning Canada, the USA, and Africa. Our work is varied, ranging from developing intelligent systems to gauge pollution levels in urban areas to implementing smart monitoring solutions for profiling energy consumption on a large site.” Bharat Gupta, Managing Director

Advanced Equiment Stock


Delivering business results through innovation, development, strategy and IP commercialisation

“I look for innovation in everything I do! It’s the cross-fertilisation of ideas that really excites me. I’ve worked in a range of sectors and use my technology toolbox to bring nuggets of clever stuff from one business to another. I want to help solve real-world problems around the technology, business, and people working in agri-tech - a sector that I see as absolutely critical for the future of mankind.” Steve Watts, MD and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Haydn Green Institute


Nero Blanco / Declaration Software

IT migration specialists

“We are expert IT consultants with over 50 years of complex, large-scale migration experience between us. We have never met a problem we could not solve, so we decided to develop smart software that helps businesses conquer the hurdles that waste time and money, day in, and day out." Anna Stokes, Nero Blanco

Nero Blanco 2

Chronos Technology Ltd

Offering deep specialist skills and expertise across a range of technologies

"Being employee-owned, we all have a strong say in what happens which has created a fantastic energy in the company. I’m also personally excited to don a pair of wellies and have a chat, better understand farmer perspectives (particularly those working in vertical farming or with automated farm machinery which has sparked my interest), and talk with young, tech-savvy farmers of the future – Hartpury students.” Lewis Owen, Sales Analysis & Development Executive

Technology Specialist Stock

Mainstream Digital

Digital solutions to streamline your business

"Having access to the Hartpury network will help us open a new conversation door and discovery workshops with Gloucestershire farmers about future communications needs for the agriculture sector." Iryna Okhrymenko, Product Manager

Mainstream Digital 2

FHE Technology

Helping businesses with their IT requirements

“I take great satisfaction in helping businesses source what they need at the best value. My business is me and I aim to give a high-quality service and supply the right solution and equipment first time, every time, even if it means getting a bespoke unit built - and I’ll literally spend as long as it takes to do that.” Robin Cook, Founder

Sport Student Working On Laptop


Digitalising the showjumping industry

“During the last few years and especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, show jumping has been digitised in ways that people could not have imagined ten years ago. Riders from all over the world are involving more and more technology in their day-to-day operations. Whether it is to close sales or to manage their horses’ operations – the growth of digitisation in show jumping has become inevitable.” Marie Marks, Founder and CEO, Bridl

Bridl New

Creating Business Growth (CBG) Ltd

Thinking differently about tomorrow's business

“Helping the future growth of field-to-fork businesses at Hartpury has lit my excitement – it has immense potential. The agricultural technology sector is such an exciting horizon to work with moving forward and the opportunity to unleash tech value in the food industries is enormous.” Paul Drabble, Founder, CBG Ltd

Agri Growth

Concept Dairy

Empowering dairy farmers to take control of their milk price

Working with every part of the dairy supply chain, Concept Dairy brings pricing transparency to the global dairy industry. Its mission is to transform the industry to create a fair platform where farmers choose what price they will get for their milk, processors are able to understand, quantify and manage their price risk with confidence, and dairy buyers receive efficiency and value.

Concept Dairy


Equipping people with the confidence, presentation & interpersonal skills to succeed in life

"I'm passionate about farming and want to help the agricultural community get the best out of themselves and the people that work for them." Kim Harvey, Director and Transformational Coach


BioStart Security

Delivering the world's most innovative anti-theft driver identification solution

Using Hartpury’s commercial farm and machinery as a test bed, BioStart Security intend to use the Tech Box Park membership to showcase its artificial intelligence biometric technologies in a ‘real world’ agricultural setting.

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ProTrack Solutions Ltd

The UK's most innovative vehicle tracking & fleet management system

We are massively excited to install our technology on Hartpury’s working farm and invite the movers and shakers in the agricultural and insurance industries to come and see the potential in our products.” Kevin Pope, Founder and Group Managing Director

Protrack New


Cultivating future through hemp innovation

"Sharing the hemp story, establishing the future market, and playing a part in the education of future agriculturalists – Hartpury students, is a ground-breaking initiative that I am proud to be championing here at Hartpury.” Marcus Morley-Jones, EcoversityUK Chairman

Ecoversity Chairman Marcus Morely Jones

Real Life Coaching

Empowering farmers

“I want to better understand the challenges faced by farmers and agricultural communities – including anxiety, stress, depression, and loss (e.g. including the grieving process associated with the loss of crops) and equip individuals with the tools to recognise and arrest these negative behaviours.”

Rlci Main Logomark Screen


"I'm looking to drive more effective connections between academia and business so that we can address societal challenges, but also support more commercial opportunities".


Bridging the gap between industry and academia


Helping farmers make better business decisions

"We are in a huge time of change as the UK moves into a new era of agriculture. Farmers are the most important people in this industry, and we want to support them to make more informed and better business decisions. Driving these improvements will ultimately help us all strive toward a stronger agricultural industry."

Yagro Logo


Preparing the world for a future with drones

“The DronePrep team have been working closely with the Hartpury Agritech team to explore how farmers can use drones to create diversified income for farm estates. It has been an amazing adventure thus far and we are incredibly excited to join the Tech Box Park community to strengthen ties with Hartpury and the farming community.”

Droneprep 2

Sustainable Business Design Ltd

Helping SMEs grow sustainably

"By placing the tools for driving sustainable growth into the hands of every business leader, we can build a community determined to make sustainability business as usual.”



Making life safer

The University’s academic and agri-tech staff and students provide a perfect opportunity for partnership for both organisations, and we look forward to developing more learning opportunities as well as innovative products and solutions.”


Emerald Research

Delivering sustainable optimised crop performance

"Emerald Research is a market leader in researching and developing our <strong>OptiYield&nbsp;</strong>'Next Generation' plant nutrient, bio stimulant, and biological products. We're very excited to be working with Hartpury to develop, communicate, and inform the agricultural community and wider public about the importance of these technologies towards sustainable, net-zero, and regenerative farming."

Emerald Research Ltd

First Base Solutions / Live Farmer

Helping farmers increase crop yield and farm profitability

“As a company we are highly innovative. Whether it’s using drone technology to scare pigeons or detect pests in crops, killing pathogens using UV Lighting, or developing sand heat storage energy solutions to take farms towards zero carbon. We hope that all our technologies will have a significant impact on the industry."

First Base Solutions

AJW Solutions / Samboards

Creating a novel range of green products designed to reduce anxiety, manage stress & keep focus

“I am enthusiastic about our products and the mental health and well-being benefits using our ‘touch and feel’ products bring to our users. The testing and trialing using fellow Tech Box member, Novazera’s new Biopolymer products is a brand-new innovation for us and something that, we are extremely excited about.”

Samboards Logo2


Applying innovative 'tech' to create the right environment for people & plants

“We want to now apply our technology to something that has always been at the back of our minds – indoor agriculture. The Tech Box not only gives us a place to better understand environmental factors affecting plant growth and yield, but also provides a space to collaborate, share ideas and find solutions to problems."


BioViron International Ltd

Leading experts in compostable materials since 2005

BioViron International has established itself as a ‘one stop’ source for companies and the public sector organisations in delivering environmentally friendly products that support a reduced carbon footprint, as well as a zero-plastic solution to modern day material and packaging needs. We offer industries and businesses 100% plant-based compostable and biodegradable film, foam, and form for packaging and protection. Our four products offer a great replacement for polyethylene and polyurethane foams, alternatives for polystyrene and plastic films used for wrapping and protecting, as well as a sustainable option to replace fossil-based plastics such as polypropylene. These are 100% compostable and biodegradable and offer one of the best alternatives to plastic packaging.

Bioviron Registered

Robert Bilsland

Software consultant

"Like most other sectors, Agriculture is producing more and more data by the day, and not being realistic about what's achievable can lead to frustration as things don't materialise as envisioned. It's my desire to provide a service that will help turn other people's ideas into reality."

Robert Bilsland


A booking platform for the horse world

A technology company aiming to connect riders of all levels to equestrian adventures, disciplines, horse breeds, schools, and facilities around the world.

Cavago New

Map of Ag

Connecting agriculture

A leading provider of insight and knowledge to the agri-food industry, Map of Ag works with agriculture clients across the world delivering pioneering analytics, modelling, and research.

Map Of Ag


Bespoke mobile app & web development

We can see an amazing amount of opportunity around IoT in agriculture. Joining the Tech Box Park community offers us a unique chance to work in partnership with farmers, learn from them, and create business-changing solutions.”

Myoxygen New


Engaging the sense of touch

Manufacturers of a range of sensory products which help with Sensory Activated Motor-skills (SAM) designed to reduce anxiety, manage stress, and enhance the mental health and well-being of users.


A Jar of Insights

Your partner in innovation

“We are your partner in innovation, dedicated to transform agriculture business through the power of Design Thinking. We focus on problem solving and value creation for both your business and your customers. By putting the customer at the centre of the innovation process, we can ensure that every strategy we develop resonates deeply with your target audience, whether they are consumers, distributors or retailers.”

A Jar Of Insights 2


AI Solutions

Advantronix Solutions is at the forefront of innovation, empowering industries with AI-driven solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability. At Advantronix, we are passionate about harnessing the power of AI and automation to transform businesses and improve lives. Our AI implementations have helped businesses across diverse industries achieve increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved quality, and accelerated growth.

Advantronix 2

L4 Agriculture

Agricultural machinery for hire and sale

L4 Agriculture is a startup agricultural business specialising in the sale and rental of tractors, trailers and agricultural machinery to support local farmers in optimising their operations. Located outside Gloucester, our business aims to fill a gap in the market for reliable, high quality equipment and exceptional customer service. With a focus on sustainability, community engagement and customer satisfaction, we are poised to become a trusted partner for farmers in the region.

L4 Agriculture Ltd

AgriDrone Services – DR1 Aerial Ltd

Precision Aerial Solutions

AgriDrone Services is a leading provider of precision farming aerial solutions. Based in North Yorkshire, we take advantage of the latest drone technology to improve efficiency on farm. Our crop health scanning service can help detect in-field issues up to two weeks in advance before any visible change, highlighting problem areas in their early stages to mitigate any potential losses. By utilising this on farm, not only does it improve crop yield and reduces costs on inputs, but with the upcoming rollout of the SFI 2024 agreement, you could also claim up to £70/ha for nutrient and weed management.

Agri Drone Logo 05


A hub for all things farming

Persona Systems proudly presents AgriMax, a groundbreaking IoT hub and cloud platform tailored for the agricultural sector. Designed to revolutionise farming through advanced technology, AgriMax offers unparalleled precision, efficiency and connectivity. By integrating real-time data analytics, AI-driven insights, and seamless third-party AgriTech product integration, we empower farmers, educators, and industry stakeholders to optimise operations, enhance productivity, and navigate the complexities of grant management. AgriMax is more than a product; it’s a commitment to sustainable and innovative farming, ensuring every stakeholder in agriculture has the tools to thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

Persona Systems Small

Bio Natural Solutions (BNS)

To reduce food waste and combat climate change

Bio Natural Solutions (BNS) is a company focused on product innovation for the agri-food sector, to help reduce food waste and combat climate change. We want to change the world through biotechnology, creating sustainable and innovative solutions that provide a positive impact on the environment and society from the reuse of organic waste from agribusiness. We add value by transforming agribusiness waste such as peels and seeds that are trash today, creating solutions that improve the quality of the same fruits in post-harvest. We generate value from waste and avoid the use of harmful chemicals. The technology is patented globally, and we have a presence in five markets globally.


Carbon Magics

Agri-Tech and Assistive Technologies

Carbon Magics specialises in sustainability and engineering solutions, offering services such as carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions assessment, ESG reporting, product design, modelling and simulation, data science and data analytics. Our current research includes soil carbon measurement systems and leveraging advanced sensors for precise data. Our pipeline development includes drones for remote sensing, digital mapping, solar panel inspection and cleaning for optimal performance. We also offer accounting and payroll services tailored to agricultural businesses, cottage owners and farmers. With these end-to-end capabilities, we are able to empower our clients in their journey towards zero-carbon and sustainability goals.

Carbon Magics Logo


Organic and ethical mealworm breeders

Ento U.P are organic and ethical breeders of mealworms, for alternative proteins, organic fertilisers, and waterproof packaging films. We provide sustainable options for a wide audience, using mealworms and their naturally occurring by-products. We started the business because we wanted to provide alternative, environmentally sustainable options for health-conscious individuals who wanted to make changes in their lifestyle. The main benefit of mealworm derived products is that they are high in nutrients. Organic fertiliser made with mealworm frass is high in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Farming mealworms requires a lot less space compared to a normal livestock farm, helping to prevent deforestation and the loss of natural habitats.

Entro U.P Logo White (1)

EQUI PAD - AJW Solutions

Promoting positive wellbeing

Equi-Pad is a sustainable, holistic product that harnesses the power of nature’s sources, this product is carefully formulated with wool extracts, and other sustainable materials renowned for their beneficial properties and harmless ingredients. This product is crafted to promote positive wellbeing, while minimising the risk of adverse effects. By embracing Equi-Pad, we acknowledge the interconnectedness of various aspects of horse play, including mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Equi Pade Trademarket

Forest Retrofit Ltd

Revolutionising the (bio)construction industry

Forest Retrofit Ltd is a Joint Venture Partnership between The MF Freeman Group & Hemspan Ltd - pioneering new biocomposite materials and innovative building systems that empower both the local agricultural and construction industries. Lead by CEO and Entrepreneur Marcus Morley-Jones, Forest Retrofit has gained support from the Barclays Eagle Labs and Hartpury Innovation Farm Accelerator Programme to launch its groundbreaking Circular R&D initiative. The programme will showcase the BIOHAUS® Standard within the local new build sector and bio-alternative carbon negative insulation materials in the swelling retrofit market. The JV is focused on making sustainable and affordable housing a reality by utilising hemp biofibre as its primary building fabric.

Studio Project (19)

JB Unmanned Aerial Systems (JBUAS)

Drone-based sensor solutions

“Growing up around a farming community in rural Lincolnshire, I have seen first-hand how technology has become a facilitator for farming success. JBUAS aims to explore how the introduction of new drone geophysical sensor technology can provide practical solutions and deliver tangible value to farmers in their everyday operations. The Hartpury Tech Box Programme is clearly the enabler for JBUAS to achieve this aim and we look forward to being a part of it.”

JBUAS Final Logo 200X200

Smart Oasis Farm (UK) Ltd

Food and water production

Smart Oasis is on a mission to serve and support local communities, small and medium food growers, burdened to grow the majority of fresh produce globally. Our objective is to make food growers profitable and more resilient to face the impact of climate change. Our bespoke solution is tailored around restricted access to key resources such as land, water, energy, and labour.

Smart Oasis

Stonehealth Ltd

Sterilising without the use of chemicals

Since 1989, Stonehealth has become the UK leading manufacturer of commercial systems presently used for masonry cleaning, for sensitive stonework restoration and conservation. Stonehealth cleaning systems operate with super-heated steam at a temperature of 150 degrees centigrade. With on-going research and development, we have for some time believed this system could be used in the agricultural sector. We know that farm sterilisation is an important practice for protecting animal health and preventing the spread of disease and pests.

Stonehealth Logo Colour

Stroud Brewery

Connecting with farmers that produce our ingredients

Stroud Brewery is a dedicated organic brewery and a B Corps enterprise. We make a diverse range of beers sold in cask, keg and cans. The quality, provenance and environmental impact of the agricultural raw materials has always been an important consideration for the business. We value regenerative practices that work with nature and benefit the entire community. Our mission is to make outstanding organic beer and bring people together to inspire positive change.

Stroud Brewery Logo Onwhite

The Wild Hare Group Ltd

A carbon neutral ready meal company

The Wild Hare Group is a carbon neutral ready meal company that creates sustainable dishes that are prepared with passion using the freshest ingredients sourced from reputable farmers. Our meat comes from grass-fed animals who are reared outdoors, and our poultry from high-welfare farms. We also use old-fashioned cuts of meat to capture that rich, unique flavour.

Wild Hare 2


Hardware solutions developer

We are a hardware solutions developer using long range wireless LoRaWAN, low power cellular NB-IoT and LTE-M as well as new low power satellite technologies to provide remote monitoring solutions on farm such as gate security, slurry management, bore hole depth and water management as well as energy saving solutions.


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