Hartpury student Poppy Newton-Clare looks back on her fund-raising ride for the BHS


The ‘Bedouin Challenge’ is one of a number of fund-raising rides organised by the BHS and, to Poppy, represented the opportunity for a life-changing experience as well as the obvious fund-raising potential.

Working with a genuine Bedouin guide, Mohammed, Poppy and the other riders spent several days riding through the sand-dunes, desert valleys and mountains between Wadi Rum and the ancient city of Petra.

The trip produced both challenges and rewards. “One of the most daunting moments was crossing the highway, which entailed lining up four at a time, wait for a gap…NOW RUN! Followed by beeping horns from the trucks travelling from Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia and the carcasses of two horses on the other side! I think our hearts stopped beating for a moment.”

“Although we did face a few obstacles on our journey, they did not get in the way of the beautiful scenery we were surrounded by each day and night. These views caused feelings and emotions I have never experienced before, with a natural beauty that will remain in my memory for as long as I live.”

The trip may well prove to be life-changing in more ways than one for Poppy. “If I brought home anything from Jordan it is the huge aspiration to return in the future to help improve the conditions for working horses, donkeys and mules, by educating the owners to prevent the welfare issues which are currently present.

“They play an important role in so many families’ lives and some suffer consequences. This is my life time goal; to help make a difference in countries such as Jordan.”

Well done, Poppy! Students who might like to aid the BHS on this or other rides in the future can get details here

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