Hartpury hailed for hard work to beat bullying


The Bullying Intervention Group (B.i.G) has honoured Hartpury with a B.i.G Award for excellence in challenging bullying. Staff and students have been involved in a year-long anti-bullying campaign, which included an initiative with Gloucester Rugby as part of the national ‘Beatbullying’ campaign.

Throughout the year the college delivered many awareness-raising campaigns, which involved both students and staff.

Lucy Scannell, Student Support and Wellbeing Officer, had a key role to play in organising many of these campaigns. She said: “The initiative with Gloucester Rugby was extremely well received throughout the college, and really helped to raise awareness, as did other events that we ran throughout the year.

“We had our staff wearing anti-bullying t-shirts and lots of signs and posters around the campus. This all helped ensure that everybody at Hartpury bought into the commitment to tackle bullying.”

Val MacFarlane, Director of The Bullying Intervention Group B.i.G Award, said: “Hartpury College has an excellent anti-bullying policy. It was actually one of the best we have assessed! They have consistent, excellent good anti-bullying practice with a range of innovative strategies which engage their students. They also involve students at every stage of their work.”

Lesley Worsfold, Director of HR and Residential Services, said: “We are delighted to have received this award as we take great pride in the fact that our students feel safe and well supported here. The College works hard to tackle bullying by educating staff and students in dealing with incidents and working with them to bring about the best possible outcomes.

“Our staff and students have given us really positive feedback about the awareness-raising we do throughout the college, as well as the effective processes and policies we’ve put in place, and it’s great that the Bullying Intervention Group has now highlighted the good work we’re doing here.”

The B.i.G Award provides resources, training and advice for schools, children’s services and Further Education colleges around bullying and the Equality Act 2010. For an institution to receive the B.i.G Award, it needs to demonstrate that bullying is taken seriously and provide evidence that its practices towards inclusion and bullying are kept to a consistent standard and are up to date.

The Award recognises that every child and young person should be able to enjoy life and fulfil their potential while they are in education, without the fear of being subjected to bullying.
Parents with children at an institution holding the B.i.G Award can have full confidence in bullying protocols within the institution.

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