Team GB chief delivers secrets of success to students


Students at Hartpury were given an insight into the reasons behind Britain’s unparalleled equestrian success at London 2012 last week.

Team GB Performance Manager Yogi Breisner delivered a guest lecture at Hartpury College that focused on the management of elite athletes - a key reason for the success of equestrian riders at London 2012, including the Team Gold for current Hartpury Equine Academy coach Carl Hester.

As Team GB Performance Manager, Yogi played a key role in helping Team GB to a haul of five Olympic medals in 2012. He said: “I think Hartpury College is fantastic and I jumped at the chance to lecture here.

“I find it inspiring to have been given this opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with the students. The college helps to enhance their skills, and I am glad that I can play a part in that.

“I have been here hundreds of times and each time there seems to be a new facility being built. It’s like mushrooms growing out of the ground! It’s not just equine where the facilities are of a high standard but in other sports like rugby, and the links across the college are extremely impressive.”

The ability to attract the national Performance Manager as a guest lecturer further heightens the reputation that Hartpury enjoys in the equine world.

Linda Greening, Head of Equine (Higher Education), said: “We were exceptionally pleased that Yogi agreed to deliver a talk on managing elite athletes, and our students were really looking forward to drawing on the wealth of experience he has in this field.

“We opened the talk up to all sports staff, not just in Equine, as well as our yard staff and a

wide range of our undergraduate students attended. The morning went very well and we hope that Yogi enjoyed his visit as much as the audience benefited from his talk.

“Some of our students will have high hopes of emulating the success of the elite athletes and coaches that Yogi has worked with over the years and his knowledge of top level performance will be invaluable to them as they strive to succeed themselves on the biggest stages.”

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