Rare breed goats ‘trip trap’ into Hartpury College’s magnificent menagerie


Rare breed goats have just joined the wallabies, emus, meerkats and llamas that make up Hartpury’s expanding menagerie.

The animal collection at Hartpury is continuing to grow, maximising opportunities for our Animal Management students to get hands on with a wide variety of small and large and native and non-native animals. These include dedicated reptile, aquatics and rodent rooms.

The two new female Bagot goats will be part of the Orchard Animal Collection and will be housed in the new paddocks next to our wallabies. They will be joined by a male goat in the summer but they will not be able to breed.

The new arrivals from Aldenham Country Park will enable students to gain experience in foot trimming, health checking and worming. They will also be tending to the goats daily as part of their animal duties.

Animal Care Unit instructor, Julia Taylor, said: “The addition of these goats will bring a new aspect to the student experience. They are well handled, so the students will be able to gain lots of practical experience with them.

“I approached the Rare Breeds Society to find out if there were any available and it seems they are very hard to source at the moment due to lack of numbers, so we are very lucky that they managed to locate two for us.

“Very few colleges boast rare breed goats in their collections, and our Animal Management students are excited about working with them and learning from them.”

Hartpury’s Walled Garden Animal Collection has also recently been officially opened. Four fantastic aviaries spanning 19 metres of the south wall of the garden and a teaching space will provide new facilities and learning opportunities for students.

Five Higher Education students designed and built the interior, providing ample flight and perching space for the nine new species of bird, including peach-faced lovebirds, diamond doves and cockatiels. The large, noisy group of zebra finches will be of particular benefit as they will be used for behavioural observations and dissertation research over the coming years.

Hartpury students develop the skills and knowledge they need for a wide range of animal careers, including benefiting from the unique links and partnerships that Hartpury enjoys with charities and companies throughout the agriculture, animal and land sectors. Field trips in the UK and abroad and work experience are a key part of our courses.

Animal Management students have gone on to become wildlife rangers, animal welfare officers, biodiversity field officers and laboratory and research technicians among many other careers.

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