From Brussels to Big Ben - Hartpury’s Tudor is ready for his trip to Parliament


A Hartpury College student is heading to Parliament after being selected to take part in a visit organised by the National Farmers’ Union of Wales.

Tudor Roderick is one of 14 junior members who will be making their way to Brussels and London as part of a study tour, in early December.

They will be given an insight into the European Parliament in Brussels, which will include the opportunity to sit in on an Agricultural Committee meeting.

Once in London, the group will receive a full tour of the Houses of Parliament and also attend a private meeting with the presidents of UK farming unions.

The aim of the tour is to help young farmers understand the role that Europe plays within Welsh agriculture, and provide the junior members with a greater understanding of how European agricultural politics works.

Tutor, who is currently in his first year studying a BTEC Diploma in Agriculture, said: “I am really excited about the visit, it’s a fantastic opportunity for me to meet and talk to some of the leading figures in European agriculture.

“I’m hoping that they will be able to share some of their knowledge and experiences with me which I can then use to help me during my studies at Hartpury.”

Janatha Stout, Head of Agriculture at Hartpury College, said: “Not many people can say they have been to both the European Parliament and the Houses of Parliament, so it’s a tremendous opportunity.

“It’s so important for our students to gain an understanding of agricultural policy; that’s already a key element of their course, but there’s nothing like seeing it first-hand.

“I’m sure the visit to Brussels and London will be a great experience and give these young people a real insight into the influence of European and UK politics on today’s farming industry.“

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