Hartpury remembers with prayer tree for Paris


Students at Hartpury College are making sure those people affected by terror attacks around the world are not forgotten as they contribute to a prayer tree painted by A-level students.

The college’s Chaplain, Phil Metcalf, had tasked Hartpury’s A-level students with painting an old wooden tree sculpture donated by Gloucester’s Marks and Spencer store for use as a campus prayer tree, and, in the wake of recent events, it has seen even more activity than expected.

Many Hartpury students have posted messages, thoughts and prayer requests on the tree following last week’s Paris attacks and it will now circulate around the campus. Phil’s plan is to collect the notes at the end of each week and pray for whatever topics the students have posted to the tree.

Phil said “The tree is on offer to any student at the college who has a thought or prayer they would like to post. It’s been very popular so far, especially with the recent events which have shocked the world, including the Hartpury community.

“It’s our way of showing that our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims. The tree will now make its journey around the college, allowing anyone to post a message or a prayer they would like made on their behalf.”

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