Hartpury visit is hot off the press as young carers take a walk on the wild side


A group of young carers took some time out from their caring responsibilities to take a walk on the wild side at Hartpury.

Gloucestershire Young Carers had arranged to visit the college to put together their newsletter, ‘We Care, We Count’ but they also had the opportunity to meet Hartpury’s expanding animal collection.

Young carer, Kenzie, said: “In the Hartpury grounds, they have different types of animals that they use to teach the students how to look after them correctly. I had a great time at Hartpury College and I hope that we can come back again. It made me think about going to Hartpury when I am older to study the animals.

“We saw the chinchillas and the meerkats and we even saved a tiny bird that fell in the middle of the road!”

The young people ran their newsletter production day in one of the Hartpury classrooms and, after lunch, were treated to a tour of the animals in Hartpury’s walled garden.

Jane Dyer from Gloucestershire Young Carers, said: “Local education provision is so important to young carers, who feel often that they must stay at home and not go away to university because of their caring role in their family.

“The visit to Hartpury was really amazing. We were all so impressed and surprised by the work being done in animal behavioural science at the college. One of our young carers is extremely interested in going into animal care and now is seriously considering Hartpury as an option, and another is interested in studying sport there.”

Hartpury offers a range of BTEC Diplomas in Animal Management, as well as a new BTEC Diploma in Animal Science*, which provides an excellent pathway for students wanting to go on to study veterinary medicine at university. It also offers a wide range of degree and postgraduate qualifications in Animal Science, Management, Behaviour and Welfare and Bioveterinary Science. To find out more about all of the courses on offer, go to www.hartpury.ac.uk

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