Hartpury students warm hearts at Care Home as residents enjoy creature comforts


Residents at Scarlet Care Home in Stroud had the chance to get up close and personal with creatures of the cuddly and crawly variety thanks to Hartpury’s Animal Management students.

Jake Aldridge, a former Hartpury student, now works at the care home and asked if students would like to take the animals to meet the residents as part of the varied enrichment activities they offer.

The residents at the Care UK home had the chance to handle rabbits and guinea pigs as well as some of the more unusual members of Hartpury’s menagerie, including a corn snake and a giant African millipede.

Students studying the Extended Diploma in Animal Management were able to share their knowledge about the animals and how they care for them with the residents.

Animal management course tutor, Emily Wilton, said: “It was lovely seeing so many smiling faces and you could see that our visit really brightened the residents’ day.

“Many of the older people would have previously had pets which they are no longer able to keep, so they loved having the opportunity to interact with animals again. And our students really enjoyed it too, chatting to the residents, supporting them to hold and touch the animals and telling them all about them.”

Animal Management student, Portia Mills, 17, from Stroud, said: “It was nice to see the residents smile and share their experience of owning animals. You could see that holding the animals brought back memories for them.”

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