Pupils get hands on with Hartpury College creatures


Primary school children enjoyed getting up close with Hartpury’s creepy and cuddly creatures recently.

Some 39 boys aged 10 and 11 from Monmouth Preparatory School were given the opportunity to visit the Hartpury campus to learn about the College’s extensive range of native and non-native animal species; from reptiles, rodent and creepy crawlies to the cuddlier members of the collection. They also had a tour to find out more about Hartpury, including the equine facilities and sports academy.

The children got to see the College’s resident wallabies, goats and emus as well as all the animals that call Hartpury’s walled garden home, including meerkats, guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets.

Supervised by college students, they were also able to handle snakes and lizards, while the students told them about the animals and how to care for them.

Head of Animal Management at Hartpury, Grace Watkins, said: “They were a brilliantly behaved, inquisitive group who were very interested in our animals and everything we do here at Hartpury. They had lots of interesting and intelligent questions and several said they were very keen to come to Hartpury to study animal management and science after they finish school.”

Teacher at Monmouth Preparatory School and former Hartpury A-level lecturer, Sion Wall, said: “The pupils had a fantastic time and absolutely loved it. The students were great with them and they learned so much.”

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