Hartpury’s Uniformed Public Services students benefit from SafeGuard Armour donation

Uniformed Public Services

Uniformed public services (UPS) students at Hartpury have been getting hands on with the latest bulletproof vests which may benefit a number of them in their future careers, thanks to a generous donation.

SafeGuard Armour are international manufacturers and distributors of bulletproof and stab-proof vests and have donated one to Hartpury to help our students get ready for their future careers.

The samples provided by SafeGuard will be utilised by students in both practical and classroom settings such as when conducting technical analysis or wearing during role play situations. They will also help familiarise students with industry-standard equipment that they may go on to use in their careers, further adding to the quality of the UPS programmes.

Brendan Ward, UPS lecturer at Hartpury, said: “The protective vest that SafeGuard donated to us provides a useful, hands-on teaching aid when talking with students about the current equipment and technology used in the services. They’ve been able to try the vest on and feel the weight of it, which surprised some of them and emphasised how challenging it can be conducting your job while wearing protective equipment.”

Tom Bowman of SafeGuard Armour said: “The opportunity to see bulletproof vests before you need them is very important, as gives you much more confidence in their protection and allows you to see exactly what you will need from your own bulletproof vest.”

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