Hartpury students set off on a horseback adventure across Morocco


Swimming with horses in the sea, exploring empty beaches, climbing rocky mountains and even tasting fish eyes, Hartpury students had the trip of a lifetime as they adventured to Morocco.

Hartpury College equine students travelled approximately 60 miles as they trekked on horseback from Imsouane to Essouria on the western coast of Morocco. Staying somewhere new every night the students were able to experience a different culture and management of horses on a different continent.

Equine lecturer Melissa Orritt said: “The five day trip was a complete eye opener for the students, trying new food, meeting new people and experiencing a different culture. We got to camp out with the horses, go racing on the beach and explore mountains on horseback.

“They also got to learn new horse management ideas and techniques as the way horses are cared for there is very different to here as they have such different beliefs and attitudes to horse management.

Earlier in the year another group of students were also able to head to Vienna, watching a performance of the legendary Spanish Riding School and had their own private tour of their facilities, getting a sneak peek behind the scenes.

They were also able to tour the equine practice of the Medi Vet University, learning all about the procedures that were undertaken there as they quizzed an Austrian vet on how things may be done differently abroad.

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