Hartpury to home Holly’s horse sculpture


Former Hartpury student Holly Hickmore returned to the college last week to see one of her equine art installations set up on campus.

The A Level graduate, who specialises in bronze sculptures, saw her first art piece at the college set up in Hartpury’s international equine arena. As the artist in residence at Sandown Park Racecourse, she already has several pieces of her artwork on display there.

24-year-old Holly graduated from Hartpury wanting to be an equine artist, before studying her trade at the Hungarian School of Fine Art. She spent just over a year learning about anatomy and biomechanics, understanding where muscles are and how they move, in order to make her sculptures as realistic as possible.

Holly currently works in a studio based in her parents’ garden. Her work is currently being sent away to be casted, but Holly is also in the process of building her own foundry so she can complete her artwork on site.

Holly said: “It’s slightly poetic to have worked my way back to Hartpury. It’s the place where I fell in love with art and horses. Ever since I left I wanted to be an equine artist, so it’s nice to come back here as I start my journey as a professional.”

Holly has also completed a number of dog and deer sculptures alongside her work with horses. You can view example of her work here: http://www.lilfordgallery.com/holly-hickmore/

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