Hartpury is providing students with new advice over money

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Hartpury University has introduced an innovative approach to providing its students with extra help to manage their finances.

All new students at the university have been invited to attend a money management workshop entitled ‘How to be a Money Smart Student’ run by certified money coach Fanny Snaith.

This innovative new approach is an integrated part of new students’ induction programme, which is additional to the support provided by Hartpury’s Student Finance team.

Gill Reindl, Director of Employability and Industry Partnerships at Hartpury, said: “Many of our new university students will be living independently for the first time and we recognise that this can often provide new and unexpected challenges when it comes managing money.

“Taking this on board, we have included these introduction to money management sessions for all new university students starting with us this month.

“The ‘How to be a Money Smart Student’ workshop is designed to help our new students develop a mindset that will help them build a positive relationship with money, now and in the future.

“It’s an exciting new initiative that we will further develop with additional workshops planned for each year of a student’s university life.”

The money management workshop came just days after Hartpury’s annual WellFest event highlighting the range of organisations dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of young people.

The 2018 Save the Student Money Survey shows that 78% of UK students are worried how to make ends meet and 70% wish they had a better financial education.

The Student Finance team offers advice and assistance about a number of financial issues, including undergraduate funding, postgraduate funding and bursaries.

Picture: Hartpury University students at one of the workshops

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