Hartpury’s Rachel lands national sports therapy award


Hartpury’s Rachel Lund is preparing for an extraordinary learning opportunity in the United States after winning a prestigious award from the Society of Sports Therapists.

She has received the 2018 Bruce Hobbs Travelling Scholarship from the Society – lead organisation for sports therapists in the UK – to further enhance the treatment and support she provides students at Hartpury Sports Academy.

Through the scholarship, Rachel will spend 10 days at Virginia Commonwealth University where she will gain an extensive range of learning experiences aimed at developing her knowledge and expertise.

Highlighting the quality of the sports therapy team at Hartpury, this is the fourth time a member of its staff has won a scholarship from the Society of Sports Therapists.

“The Bruce Hobbs Travelling Scholarship is an amazing opportunity to widen my knowledge, understanding and experience of athletic medicine within an elite sporting environment,” said Rachel.

“I’m thrilled to be selected to represent the Society of Sports Therapists and Hartpury in the United States.

“I’m particularly excited to develop my interest in the student-athlete experience and how the sports medicine department can influence and shape this, especially during injury.

“At Hartpury, I am particularly focused around rugby and netball. The scholarship offers a unique insight into a variety of collegiate sports that will only enhance my practice.

“I’m thrilled for the award and I’m very excited about sharing my experience upon my return.”

Tom Cresswell, Head of Medical Services at Hartpury, said the award from the Society of Sports Therapists reflected the high levels of professionalism and commitment that Rachel and her colleagues set themselves at Hartpury.

“Rachel is a great example of the quality of our academy therapy staff at Hartpury,” said Tom, who has won the scholarship twice.

“Also a rugby player for Gloucester-Hartpury, Rachel has had a challenging year, undergoing knee and shoulder surgery in the same season.

“As a result she has shifted her focus during a lengthy spell of reconditioning and is excelling off the pitch instead.

“We are lucky to have such an impressive young professional looking after our student-athletes.

“This experience in the US affords Rachel the chance to explore a larger institution’s strategies for improving well-being during training and injury.

“It will be a completely immersive experience and I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings back to Hartpury personally and professionally.

“Her colleague Adam Gaunt and I have also won scholarships from the Society of Sports Therapists and we both found them incredibly inspirational experiences that have improved us as practitioners.”

Hartpury employs top-level sports therapists, coaches and scientists across 10 Sports Academy programmes, including rugby, football, golf and modern pentathlon.

Its new £8.8 million Sports Academy, which features state-of-the-art technology, including an altitude chamber and human performance and biomechanics labs, enhances its extensive range of world-class facilities and the work of performance support staff.

Picture: Rachel Lund at Hartpury

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