Student blog - Daniel Olley, BA Equine Business Management, Year 3


Hi, I’m Daniel, I’m currently in my third year of studying BA (Hons) Equine Business Management. I chose this course because it offers a nice balance between specialised equine modules and transferable skills from the business modules.

See your lessons come to life
My favourite modules so far have been Stud Management and Equine Diagnostics and Therapy. These modules are a good mix of practical application, hands-on experience and scientific theory. We also heard from industry professional, who came in to give demonstrations or to talk to us about different areas of the equine sector. The best part about Stud Management was the ability to visit working studs and learn what happens in their day-to-day running. There’s even an opportunity to go on a trip to the KWPN stallion show in the Netherlands.

A typical day as an equine student
During my first year at Hartpury, a typical day started at 5am. I would sort out everything I needed for that day and eat breakfast, before heading to the yard at 6am. I loved being able to walk from my accommodation to my horse, it was a dream come true in many ways. From 6am to 7.30am, I would muck out, feed and get hay and bedding, put my horse on the walker and then take him for a ride.

I had some 8.30am lectures and my horse preferred to do his work in the morning. After riding, I would go to my lectures until lunch, then I would skip him out and hand graze him. If I had a riding lesson it would be around this time instead of exercising in the morning. After my lunchbreak, I would head back to class till the end of the day.

I often spent my evenings finishing my horse for the day, before heading to the gym for an hour or so before coming home to make dinner and socialise with friends. I would also do a late-night check on my horse at around 8.30pm, and go back to my accommodation to spend the evening with friends or study. The best part about all of this, is that everything’s on site, so I didn’t need a car at any point. On the weekends, I competed in British Dressage shows held at Hartpury, so it was nice to have these so readily available on my doorstep.

Join clubs and you’ll make even more friends
Meeting new people is really easy to do at Hartpury. I made friends whist volunteering at the Equine Therapy Centre on the weekends as well as being a member of the Equestrian Club. I also made friends whilst working as a Student Ambassador. This enabled me to make friends outside of my course and from different backgrounds. I don’t think we would have met if we hadn’t been working together, but I’m so glad we did.

I’m focused on a career that uses my business skills
I feel my degree has opened so many doors for me that I have more options than I imagined possible. For now, I am focusing on completing my degree and then I hope to find a job that uses my business skills. However, I know for certain, one way or another, horses will remain a part of my life!

I’m also a para dressage athlete, and so one of my big goals is to compete at the European and World Championships, as well as the Olympics. Being at Hartpury gives me a lot of flexibility to combine my riding and get the support I need with my degree.

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