Hartpury’s Diversity Date will promote equality and inclusion


Hartpury is launching a series of online talks as it leads the way in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion within the sports and exercise industry.

Diversity Date provides a new platform for academics and practitioners working within the sector to share their extensive research and experiences in discussion with equality, diversity and inclusivity campaigner Dr John Fernandes, Programme Manager for BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences at Hartpury University.

As a member of the British Association of Sports and Exercises Sciences’ (BASES) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Dr Fernandes wants to bring about positive change within the sport and exercise science industry worldwide.

Diversity Date aims to amplify the voices of under-represented groups and create role models for those in sport.

Speakers will include Kelsie Johnson (Hartpury University) on the role of body composition on appetite regulation and energy expenditure in older adults; Dr Peter Olusoga (Sheffield Hallam University) on burnout and wellbeing in high-performance coaching; Sidd Sampla (IZone Performance) with a talk entitled ‘It’s all about relationships: the journey to the applied sports psychology world’.

As well as current industry professionals, the talks will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students exploring a career working within the sport and exercise industry.

Each fortnightly session of Diversity Date will be recorded and available to view on Hartpury’s Diversity Date channel on Vimeo, with the first of the series featuring Kelsie Johnson now online.

Dr Fernandes said: “Whilst those playing sport generally come from a number of diverse backgrounds, this is not mirrored in the many roles available off the field within the sports and exercise industry.

“The lack of representation within sports organisations and academic institutions might be owing to the lack of positive role models.

“Thus, it is important to amplify the voices of those from underrepresented groups in sport.

“Diversity Date will showcase the work of academics and practitioners from diverse backgrounds working within the sport and provide them with a platform to share their experiences.”

Linda Greening, Head of Inclusivity at Hartpury, added: “We welcome students from a diverse range of backgrounds onto Hartpury degree programmes, and we are passionate about providing our graduates with the skills they need to have a positive impact within industry.”

Hartpury runs a wide range of sports diploma and degree programmes and has specialist sports academies in men’s rugby, women’s rugby, men’s football, women’s football, rowing, golf, modern pentathlon, netball, equine and athlete performance.

Hartpury – the UK’s premier sport and education setting – is committed to promoting and celebrating equality and diversity, respect and dignity for all, an accessible environment, and fostering a sense of inclusivity.

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