Hartpury takes active role to promote diversity in equestrian industry


Linda Greening, Head of Inclusivity at Hartpury, has accepted an invitation to join a new focus group aimed at championing equality and diversity within the equestrian industry.

The BAME Equine and Rural Activities Focus Group (BERF) is committed to driving forward positive ideas and solutions to support members of the BAME community across a range of disciplines at all levels.

The group, which has 200 members, was represented by founder and chairperson Sandra Murphy at a recent meeting held by the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) looking at increasing representation and fairness within the industry.

Linda Greening aims to contribute to the activity of BERF by ensuring that all members of the group are aware of the opportunities to study subjects linked to equine and rural affairs at degree level.

Hartpury – the largest equine educational institution in the world – offers a range of equine-related diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and PhDs. 

“It is imperative that we empower a generation of BAME equestrians and graduates who can positively contribute to the industry, and beyond, in the future,” said Linda.

“At Hartpury, we work hard to ensure parity of experience for all our students to ensure they become the best they can be.”

Recent equine graduates have embarked on careers with a number of major employers, including Cheltenham Racecourse, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and The Horse Trust.

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) recently revealed its 2020-24 strategy, outlining five values described as the bedrock of the Federation and shared by all its members.

Supporting ‘Fairness and Transparency’ value, the BEF Equality Engagement Group (EEG) was established, with the aim of providing equal opportunity and access for all who wish to take part in equestrian sport.

Sandra Murphy attended a recent EEG meeting on behalf of BERF, of which Hartpury University postgraduate Manessa Faal (Veterinary Physiotherapy) is a founder member, to present ideas for increasing representation at the most recent meeting.

These included changes to governing bodies social media policies that would ensure members making discriminatory remarks would be held accountable, providing positive BAME role models for use by governing bodies, and encouraging the roll out of unconscious bias training within all BEF member organisations.

Equine research students at Hartpury have access to a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories to support their studies.

All research activity at Hartpury either directly or indirectly informs not only current industry practice but also the curriculum.

Research is fully integrated within teaching, with staff research active in the areas in which they teach and many dissertations embedded in larger scale research projects.

Picture: Linda Greening at Hartpury

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