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Stronger Together: Hartpury unveils ambitious 2030 strategy

Hartpury has unveiled an ambitious 2030 strategy that sets out the collective vision and goals for the University and College over the next decade.

Titled Hartpury 2030: Stronger Together, the strategy aims to position Hartpury as the UK’s leading higher and further education provider in its specialist areas.

The release of the 2030 strategy comes just weeks after Hartpury College retained its Ofsted Outstanding rating, and less than a year after Hartpury University received the highest triple Gold rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF 2023).

Hartpury 2030: Stronger Together builds on many of the fundamental principles that played a role in achieving these prestigious accolades and is founded on three strategic priorities and three underpinning themes that will guide the future direction and focus.

The three strategic priorities are:

  1. Passion: A commitment to teaching excellence, igniting a passion for learning, nurturing achievement, and shaping the workforce of the future.
  2. People: Investing in people and providing an inclusive environment for them to achieve and flourish.
  3. Place: A world-leading campus, to underpin an outstanding student experience and equip a growing international community with real world skills and global opportunities.

Underpinning these priorities are three key themes:

  1. Sustainability: Hartpury is committed to aligning with relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and embedding sustainability throughout its teaching, research, governance, facilities, and day-to-day operations. A net-zero strategy is under development adopting circular principles and ensuring financial sustainability.
  2. Partnerships: Hartpury recognises the importance of partnerships in enhancing learning and development opportunities for students and staff. Strategic partnerships will play a central role in enabling the delivery of the Hartpury 2030 Strategy, driving growth, facilitating best practice, and delivering financial resilience.
  3. Wellbeing: The wellbeing of the entire community at Hartpury is of primary importance and we aim to promote a safe environment that boosts wellbeing, innovation, creativity, and productivity. Both the University and College will continue to champion good mental and physical health, encourage openness, and create the most inclusive and compassionate community possible, where everyone’s voice and needs are heard and respected.

Industry will remain an important part of the student experience. By co-creating and co-delivering the curriculum and student experience with sector and industry partners, Hartpury intends to be the go-to academic partner for key industry stakeholders. Within both higher and further education, students will continue to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to innovate and make a positive difference in their respective industries. This objective builds on an already established reputation for meeting skills needs through a range of activities including curriculum co-creation events with employers.

Other aspects of the 2030 strategy highlight a renewed commitment to teaching and sporting excellence. The dual career programme has nurtured the talents of more than 250 students who have excelled both academically and as athletes in a plethora of sports. The competitive sports academies provide a unique environment for students to integrate elite-level sport within their academic journey.

Research and knowledge exchange are at the heart of the 2030 strategy and Hartpury will continue to invest in research quality and capacity, working towards independent research degree awarding powers. The University’s research portfolio will respond to real-world challenges and have both impact and application at its core. Research activities will build towards future Research Excellence Framework (REF) submissions. In the latest REF 2021, research submitted by Hartpury University was recognised as ‘world-leading’ and ‘internationally excellent’.

A renewed commitment was also made to creating a world-leading campus, shared by two outstanding education providers Hartpury University and Hartpury College. The campus will receive continued investment in facilities, ensuring higher and further education students enjoy an outstanding student experience both inside and outside the classroom. The campus will be sustainable, inclusive, and equipped with innovative technology.

Professor Andy Collop, Vice-Chancellor, Principal and CEO of Hartpury University and Hartpury College said: “We have carefully considered the position of both Hartpury University and Hartpury College within the education landscape and are extremely excited to unveil Hartpury 2030: Stronger Together. We believe this comprehensive strategy will guide us in our aim of becoming the UK’s leading higher and further education provider within our specialist areas. It underlines our commitment to delivering outstanding education, nurturing, and celebrating achievement, and positively impacting our communities and wider society.

“I’m grateful to the students, staff, governors, and stakeholders for their valuable contributions to this strategy and for the role they’ll play in the months and years to come, as we all work collaboratively to realise our vision.”

Learn more about the Hartpury 2030 Strategy here.