Hartpury was established after World War II as an agricultural education centre with only 50 students. Today, we have more than 4,500 with record numbers of students studying at both the university and the college.

Hartpury remained relatively unchanged until 1990, when a new Principal initiated a rapid expansion programme, starting with the provision of a larger variety of college courses.

The first higher education degree in Equine Studies was introduced in 1992, followed by the first degree programme in Equine Science in 1994. In 1999, the first Masters degree programme opened with the first PhD student coming in 2004.

In 2017, Hartpury was granted ‘Taught Degree Awarding Powers’ (TDAP) and we will award our own degrees from September 2018. This provides us with the independence to grow and further strengthen our higher education offering.

Hartpury has had the acorn as its symbol for over 20 years. More than just a reflection of the beautiful countryside that surrounds us, it symbolises the potential that lies within us all.

Hartpury provides everything the acorn will need to grow - the best facilities, the best staff, and the best environment to support students’ ability to grow strong.

Celebrating 75 years

  1. 1948
  2. 1949
  3. 1950
  4. 1957
  5. 1976
  6. 1987
  7. 1990
  8. 1991
  9. 1992
  10. 1993
  11. 1994
  12. 1997
  13. 1999
  14. 2000
  15. 2002
  16. 2005
  17. 2006
  18. 2007
  19. 2008
  20. 2009
  21. 2010
  22. 2018
  23. 2021
  24. 2022


Hartpury Alumni is free to join for every former student, member of staff or friend of Hartpury. As a member you will be part of our global community of over 20,000 alumni.  There are lots of ways to link into this amazing network and to stay in touch with us and with your friends. Join today and start to take advantage of the exciting opportunities and benefits. Membership is free.

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Hartpury Trust Fund

£50million has been invested in recent years to make Hartpury one of the leading sport and education campuses in the UK. And with plans for growing our student numbers further, it’s an exciting time for Hartpury. We are committed to providing an environment and support that enables our students to achieve their dreams and you can help us to help them reach their potential.

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