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Here, we take immense pride in introducing you to the dedicated and passionate individuals who form the backbone of our educational institutions, Hartpury University and Hartpury College.

Our team comprises professionals, educators, administrators, and support staff who are committed to delivering excellence in education, fostering personal growth, and ensuring the success of our students.

At Hartpury, we believe that every member of our community plays an integral role in shaping the learning experience and contributing to our collective success. Whether you are a student seeking guidance, a colleague searching for collaboration, or a visitor eager to learn more about our institution, this page provides a gateway to connect with the talented individuals who make Hartpury a vibrant and dynamic place to study and work.

Explore the profiles of our exceptional team members, learn about their expertise, experiences, and the contributions they bring to our diverse community. Each staff member's unique background and commitment to their respective roles enrich the Hartpury experience and contribute to our continued growth and success in our specialist subject areas of Agriculture, Animal, Business, Equine, Sport, and Veterinary Nursing.

We invite you to click on the links below to meet our team members, discover their stories, and get to know the people who make Hartpury University and College an exceptional place of learning and innovation.

Head of Departments

Wanda McCormick

Head of Animal and Agriculture

Wanda Mccormick (2)

Catherine Porter

Head of Department Equine

Catherine Porter

Sarah Lee

Head of Department Sport

Sarah Lee 5

Catherine Phillips

Head of Department Veterinary Nursing

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Agriculture department

Students And Lecturer Checking Crop Health

Animal department

Male Student Holding Reptile

Equine department

Druvpal Anchan Msci Equine Science Using High Speed Treadmill Equine Therapy Centre

Sport department

Women lifting bar in gym while man gives instructions

Veterinary Nursing department

Drove Vets Veterinary Nurse And Dog