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Our Digital Farming Network is a community that shares a passion for agriculture and inspiration from innovation. Whether you are an advisor, researcher, farmer, student, or just have an interest in agriculture and food production. Then join one of the fastest growing networks for free and be able to:

  • Receive the latest news from the Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre
  • Be a part of research projects applied to on-farm challenges
  • Trial and test the latest technology on their farm
  • Share thoughts and feedback to help drive innovation and the progress of technology development

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We are privileged to hold a wide range of industry events at the Agri-Tech Centre as well as our own conferences and courses, including seminars, training workshops and on-farm demonstrations provided by some of the most exciting and innovative agri-tech businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are working from the ground up, providing farmers with a hub for access and training with the latest available technologies for today’s agricultural practice. We are proud of our applied and real-world approach to work with the latest agricultural innovations. With the thoughts and needs of current and future farming professionals and businesses in mind

Yes – we work with a wide range of organisations, charities and societies across different farming sectors and open to discuss how we can support other fantastic work going on in the agricultural industry.

No - anyone from any location can benefit as a registrant to our Digital Farming Network and benefit equally from keeping informed about our latest news and events.

Yes absolutely. To ensure any enquires on this matter are followed within the appropriate communication channels, please follow this link to find out about research and knowledge exchange opportunities.

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