Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre

Driving Sustainable Agriculture through Technology

Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre

The agricultural industry is going through unprecedented change to meet the food demands of a growing global population. New technologies are being integrated for their unrivalled ability to drive growth in a sustainable way.

The Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre gives farmers, agricultural businesses and our students greater access and support with the latest available technology. We showcase the latest smart farming practices and solutions available to the crops and livestock sub-sectors of agriculture through knowledge transfer and practical demonstration.

This exciting project will support local, regional and wider farming communities in increasing productivity and profitability. The project will work side by side with industry, offering comprehensive support through practical demonstration and the latest technical insight to make Gloucestershire the go-to region for applied agricultural innovation.

Hartpury Digital Farming Network

Our Digital Farming Network is strengthening the connection between innovation and real-world practice, and providing farmers, tech companies and Hartpury students with a collective voice in driving forward innovation and accelerating the production of viable long-term technological solutions.

Farmers as part of our network will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive the latest news from the Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre
  • Be a part of research projects applied to on-farm challenges
  • Trial and test the latest technology on their farm
  • Share thoughts and feedback to help drive innovation and the progress of technology development

Interested in joining?

Technology is beginning to transform the way our food is produced. This includes robotic fruit pickers, crop inspection by drone, and the use of precision data. Making these technologies work in farm conditions is a challenge and that is where the Hartpury Agri-Tech project comes into its own.

David Harrison Farming and Agriculture Sector Lead, NFU Mutual


Our cutting-edge, purpose-built facilities are designed to foster new knowledge and practical expertise. Through working with us, you will be at the centre of agricultural innovation. Where better to launch and showcase your products and services and connect and support customers and stakeholders?

The Agri-Tech Hub

Access and learn about the latest technical updates and data from leading technologies as part of training workshops, conferences and showcase events.

Applied Tech Experience

As well as work with our network farmers, we provide the perfect base for practical demonstrations with hands-on experience at Hartpury’s 400 hectare commercial farming business. Including facilities such as our Livestock Handling and Biosecurity Unit, situated at Home Farm.

Biosecurity Building

A bespoke made facility to link to the Hartpury commercial farm, showcasing the importance of control of pest and diseases and a demonstration unit for biotech solutions.

Livestock Handling Unit

A state-of-the-art housing facility, equipped with a viewing gallery that will allow you to see live demonstrations in practice.

The Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre is an opportunity to give back to industry producers and to drive new ideas. Through first-hand experience of technology in practice, farmers can be sure that investments they make will suit and improve their business.

Ben Thompson Agri-Tech Project Manager