Research and knowledge exchange

Driving positive change through research

We’re driving positive change in animal and equine wellbeing, agriculture, sports performance and public health.

We focus on the application of research in the real-world. We innovate where it matters.

We partner with key industry and academic bodies to find solutions to important real-world issues.

Research degrees/PhD study

Choose a Hartpury research degree. Be supported by leading academic and industry experts to make a positive difference to the world.

Research partnerships

Join our international network of academic and industry professionals; they’re dedicated to making a worthwhile contribution to our disciplines.

Research centres

Our multi-disciplinary research centres - Animal and Agriculture, Equestrian Performance and Sport and Exercise - connect world-class facilities with researchers and industry practitioners.

We promote collaboration across disciplines to synergise our knowledge base. In this way we challenge the status quo and drive forward innovative solutions to pressing problems.

Research and governance

Our research governance framework ensures the research we undertake is of the highest quality, conducted with integrity and within appropriate ethical frameworks.

Communities of practice

Our communities of practice connect research, curriculum and industry practice - like-minded individuals can come together to make great ideas happen, extending the value and impact of our work.

Industry experts

Our reputation in our specialist industries attracts expertise from across the globe. Discover more about specific teaching staff on our PURE Research management hub.

Commercial partnerships

If you're interested in working with us through our commercial businesses or creating a partnership, we offer plenty of opportunities.