Getting Active

At Hartpury we want to help you to be the best you can be and that includes your health and wellbeing.  Regular physical activity has been proven to be a great way of boosting your mental health and the physical benefits are without question.

Whether it’s taking a walk around our breathtaking campus or joining one of the recreational sports teams the ‘Get Hartpury Active’ project has opportunities to suit you and your friends.

There’s recreational rugby and football as well as turn up and play opportunities with our student led teams such as basketball, hockey or, volleyball.

Our exceptional sports facilities are open for all of our students – not just those who are part of Hartpury’s academy squads. We also have activities taking place in the evenings, and students from all courses are welcome to come and join in.

What is Hartpury Active?

Hartpury Active is a Physical Wellness project that aims to create a culture of regular physical activity at Hartpury. Regardless of what you’re here to study the Hartpury Active programme is here to enhance your Hartpury experience through sport and physical activity. Most of the activities take place in the evenings but there are some which take place during the day too.

The project is driven by student demand so in September you can fill out a ‘Get involved at Hartpury questionnaire’ during enrolment. The questionnaire will ask you a few questions about your choice of activity.  We’ll use your responses to create a set of activities known as the ‘Hartpury Active Timetable’. As the timetable is based on student demand the activities are subject to change so the best way to keep up to date is to follow us on social media.


What does the current project look like?

At the moment we’ve got:

  • Female Only hours within the gym
  • Spinning classes
  • Drop-in badminton hour
  • Pury Joggers running club
  • Student led basketball team which plays in the Gloucestershire Basketball League (GBBA)
  • Volleyball training session

Where possible the activities are free of charge and most fitness classes cost just £1. Student-led teams will normally have an annual membership fee which might vary between teams  Get in touch to find out the current fees.

Most sessions don’t require any particular clothing – wear what makes you feel safe and comfortable (as long as the session leader agrees it is safe to do so). Sessions are for Hartpury students and staff only so you will require a student/staff card.

You don’t need to commit to every session – you can come along as often as you like!

Want to know more?

For further information please contact our Hartpury Active Project Lead Jenny Arroud ( / +44 (0) 1452 70 2534)

If you're a local club or leisure provider and would be interested in developing links to enhance both the Hartpury Active programme and your service please get in touch with Jenny Arroud.

“There are so many opportunities to play sport on the Hartpury campus and in Gloucester and Cheltenham. I play a game called Futsal, which is basically indoor football. I also decided to get into Ultimate Frisbee, which is so much more fun than I thought it would be. There’s something on offer for everyone, whatever your interest, from basketball to cheerleading. And if you have ideas for new clubs, you can always talk to the Students’ Union.”

Richard Todd FdSc Sports Coaching student