Term dates

Additional Holidays

Hartpury College students will not be required in college on the INSET days listed below, although tutors may require attendance to catch up any outstanding work. Equine students with livery, where an INSET day falls on a Monday, may be able to return with their horse on Sunday, but only by permission of the Director of Equine.

Note: If you're looking for the next academic year, please see our 2021-22 term dates.

September 2020-2021 academic year term dates



INSET days (A-levels and diplomas)

23/10; 02/11; 17/12; 18/12; 12/02; 01/04

Interview dates

23/10; 02/11; 17/12; 18/12; 12/02; 26/03; 30/03; 31/03; 05/05;12/05; 26/05; 02/06; 09/06

Wednesday afternoon interviews will be scheduled thereafter from May. Equine interviews are timetabled weekly.

GCSE Exams - November and Summer dates are TBC

The Hartpury College Prize Day will be held on the 17 June 2021.

You can download a pdf of the college 2020-21 term dates here.