Louie Hennessey

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Louie Hennessey

Louie studied A-levels at Hartpury whilst also progressing his rugby within the academy. Since graduating he has signed a three-year contract with Bath academy and will be studying a degree alongside this.

Louie's Hartpury Experience

"I chose Hartpury because I've heard great things about it. I saw how well the sport interacts with the education and like the link between it. So that's what drew me to it.

I’ve been focusing on achieving the best A-level grades I can, whilst also progressing my rugby within the academy. A-levels have helped me become very dedicated and focus on getting through to university. Being able to do rugby alongside it has been great. We won every match in the ACE league and we then played in the final and won that. So that was a great experience. You got a couple 100, maybe even a couple thousand watching so that was a great night and a great experience."

Developing Industry Connections

"I've signed a three-year academy contract with Bath, so I'll be going there in July starting with them. I've applied for a sports performance course which I've been accepted on to, so I hope to continue with my rugby whilst studying alongside it. I think the facilities at Hartpury are second to none at this level. Alongside that with the coaching set up that's been offered to me, I found a great place to improve and kick on and get me to where I am today."

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