Austen Penfold

Lambing Work Experience

Austen studied a Level 2 Diploma Agriculture, meanwhile had the opportunity to do work experience with the lambing.

Austen's Hartpury Experience

"As students at Hartpury, we get the chance to help with lambing for around 600 sheep at Okle Clifford Farm. We work in groups over eight-hour shifts for each 24-hour period during the season, and our ‘lambing duties’ include checking for triplets, which then have to be separated and paired with foster mothers. We place ewes and their newborn lambs into pens to ensure mothering takes place and monitor the new families’ progress. We also check for new lambs, do health checks, feed and tag the lambs and input all of the data on a computer. I was able to watch demonstrations from the vet visit, which helped me to understand certain lambing practices. We are also able to gain practical experience on the sheep shearing course with the opportunity to achieve an industry-recognised qualification that’s run and assessed by the British Wool Marketing Board. I am not from a farming background so, for me, these are great opportunities to gain a valuable skill while increasing my knowledge."