Danny Jones

Qualification & subject:
Diplomas Level 3 Extended Diploma Sport and Outdoor Activities
Watersports Instructor on Richard Branson's Necker Island

Danny studied Level 3 Extended Diploma Sport and Outdoor Activities at Hartpury and he now works on Richard Branson's Necker island - one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world located in the British Virgin Islands.

Danny's Hartpury Experience

"Everything that I learned while I was on my Outdoor Adventure course at Hartpury I have used here, and I know I’ll continue to do so. My main role in my current job is as a watersports instructor but it is extremely diverse and I regularly find myself leading other activities like mountain biking, climbing and scuba diving. I was even in the news recently as part of the crew that rescued four-time Olympic sailing champion Sir Ben Ainslie while he was on his honeymoon!"

Developing Industry Connections

"Since leaving Hartpury, I’ve worked in numerous countries, including Dubai, Turkey and Greece, but Necker is completely different to all of them. It’s like a dream job here, and with talk of the company expanding, there should be further opportunities to continue working in this environment. "