Ellen Arnold

Para dressage groom for Canada

Ellen studied Level 3 National Extended Diploma Equine Management (Business) at Hartpury and is now a Para Dressage Groom for Canada.

Ellen's Hartpury Experience

"I got the chance to travel to Germany to groom for a top Grade 1a Canadian para dressage rider, Jody Schloss, and her horse, Inspector Rebus. It was the Canadian Para-Equestrians’ last stop of their European tour, going up against top international competitors at CPEDI 3* in Mannheim. I was able to interact with the horse on training days and was part of the team responsible for plaiting him and preparing him to standard on show days. In the run-up to the competition, I was mucking him out and changing his water and hay, plus I had to tack up and hold Rebus while Jodie was helped get on and I walked him out three times a day to get him out the stable and get him used to the showground. It was invaluable experience learning to work in the unique environment of an international competition and getting to groom to such a high standard. The experience took me out of my comfort zone and made me think for myself, which built my confidence. It helped broaden my knowledge in dressage and of para riders too, as well as giving me experience of working at a fast pace in a big team."

Developing Industry Connections

"Eventually, I would love to become a producer and rider but I know I'll need to achieve this through working my way up, and starting with grooming, so experiences like this in Germany will boost my CV and help me achieve my dream."